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Starting tomorrow, Open Gym time will be added to the schedule from 2:15pm to 4:15pm Monday through Friday. Coach Michael will be available to help you with skills or mobility, and to check your form as needed. Come join the fun!

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General Information

NameGrassroots CrossFit
OwnerMelissa Corral
Address2036 Blake St.
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Sit-Up Challenge will start Monday the 20th. You will have the entire week to compete as many sit-ups as possible in 1 minute. You can complete the challenge as many times as you like through the week to try and better your score. Rules: 1. You may lock your feet in under dumbbells 2. Both shoulders must touch the floor at each rep 3. Your shoulders must pass your hips at the top of each rep. We will have a prize for the top man and woman under 40 years or age and over 40 years of age. You must place your name and reps on the board to be in the challenge. You must have someone score your reps and initial them next to your name.

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Our Regional Fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd at 3:00pm. We will have Food, Silent Auction and Music plus "Grace" for the wod. Tickets will go on sale soon and will be $20, but kids 12 & under are free! Think you have the best Chili around? Want to compete and prove it? $40 throw in, 1/2 goes to the fundraiser and the other 1/2 to the winner! email to join the competition! If you can't make it on Sunday, feel free to buy a ticket to support the Team or go to our GoFundMe page!

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CrossFit Central athlete, Mary Brown, is one of the hardest working athletes in our gym and is always crushing her goals! Just last year she was able to take off 20 minutes on her triathlon time due to her CrossFit training. “I’m also amazed that I am in better shape at age 40 than I have ever been before.” Central Athlete Feature: Mary Brown…/ Joshua David Photography

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With our first ever Paleo Challenge around the corner, a few of us members have been doing some massive research to find sites, apps and articles to educate ourselves on the ins and outs of the Paleo Diet. For those of you who are paleo, or are just interested in trying it out, we found this cool app for your phone that allows you to check if an item of food is, indeed, paleo! It is called "", and totally worth checking out :)

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Weekend information

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Big high-five to Josh, who recently graduated Marine Corps boot camp and stopped by to WOD with us yesterday (and was lookin awfully fit in his Trident green!)

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Plan to support our awesome team at the CrossFit South Regional? Here is the hotel we are staying at: Spring hill Suites 214-350-2300

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One more spot and Team CrossFit Central is Heading to Regionals! Our CrossFit Central Team, Team Central, is currently sitting in 16th place in the South Central Region. When all the individual scores are taken off The CrossFit Games Team Leader board we should know if our team has secured a spot for Regionals. The top 15 teams in the South Central Region will head to Regionals in Dallas, Texas May 15 - 17th. #TeamCentral

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CrossFit Counter Culture - Group Class Warm-up Run or Row 400m 2 Rounds 5 Pull Up 10 Push Up 15 Air Squat 4min Foam Roll IT BAND, Quads, Lats and Triceps Strength Strict Press 7sets x 2 Reps or New to CF 5x5 THEN 2 sets of SOTS Press for Max reps with Bar 45/35 Metcon Metcon (Time) 60 KCAL ROW 50 Toe to Bar 40 Racked Step Up 95/65 * 30 RIng DIp 20 HSPU *measure box height from bottom of knee cap

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WOD For Thursday 4/16/15: Accumulate 3 min Squat Hold. 1 min Iron Cross Hold, 1 min pigeon stretch, 1 min Sampson stretch 1. Warm Up (1 rd Barbell then: 2 rds Bounding Box Jumps (5 reps). 5 Chin To Chest Barbell Rolls, 2. 5x2 Max Seated Box Jump 3. 8 Min To Complete: 3 rds: -5-10 pistols each leg (you chose the reps) -5 Bar MUPs -5 Strict Deficit HSPU or 5 kick ups to wall (you chose depth for HSPU) 3. WOD 1- 12 Min AMRAP Of: -3 Deadlifts (315,225) -4 DB Snatches RT (75,45) -4 DB Snatches LFT -5 Box Jumps (30,24)

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4.16 BUY-IN 20 Minutes to do: 400m Run 30 KB Juggles Then in the remaining time find you heaviest barbell Turkish get-up! ENDURANCE Deadlift 10 reps EMOTM for 10 minutes (155/110) WoD ANGIE 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit-ups

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Burn WOD for Thursday 4/16: 1) Mobility/Warm Up 2) WOD 1-Deck of Cards Diamonds: Jumping Squats Spades: KBS Hearts: Burpees Clubs: Abmats Joker: 200m. Run

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Thursday Elements (all gyms) AMRAP push ups rest 30 seconds 100m farmer's carry heavy rest 120 seconds x 5 sets + ring dip support hold - alternating max holds between 3 partners for 8 minutes Performance (Fondren) Open gym Performance (Henderson) a. 20 skin the cats, slow and controlled b. 20 bridge ups, 3 sec pause at top c1. 5 sissy squats, rest 30" c2. 30" hollow rock hold, rest 60" x 4 sets Performance (Vickery) Open gym

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Get Excited! We're about to launch our Spring Nutrition Challenge to get you summer-ready! Learn how to implement a meal plan to achieve your goals! Join us Friday, May 1 @ 7pm and #lookbetternaked this summer!

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Welcome Lauren, Marcus and baby Espinoza to the CFCC family! They graduated elements today #CrossFit #CrossFitcounterculture #community #familyproject #sfh

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Thursday I. Strength 20 minutes 1 - Cluster 2 - Thruster 3 - Jerk -ascending weight- II. WOD EMOM 16 minute 1 - 15 Pushup 2 - 40 DU/120 SU 3 - 10 Ring Dip 4 - 40 DU/120 SU III. And... 50 Strict Toes to Bar then 30 kipping Knees to Elbows

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SATURDAY 10:00am @ Moonlight Beach We will be having a beach BBQ. WE will be suppling the meat. Feel free to bring a side to share. This is a family affair- please bring the whole family! We will see you there!

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CrossFit Yelm shared a link on Facebook

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One of the greatest benefits of CrossFit Cedar Park is our community! You don’t just gain a healthier lifestyle, but also a strong support system and encouragement to help you accomplish your goals.

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CrossFit Yelm shared a link on Facebook

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Good. Now do another. And another ... #mentaltoughnessday #boxjumps #RetestWeek

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Kane getting after it. @thekennykane #burpees #mentaltoughnessday #RetestWeek

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4/15/15 3 rounds 60 sec db snatch 60 sec rest 60 sec box jump 60 sec rest 60 sec row

dinah published the post Ground Pork and Bacon Meatballs with Bell Pepper and Zucchini over Spaghetti Squash and Sauce on Nutrition WOD
This is a guest blog recipe from my dear friend Kim. She shared this recipe with me over the summer...
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OGERs! Results from Tuesday 4.14.15

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The Festivus Games are this Saturday. We have six CF138 athletes competing: Kristin, Karen, Kat, Tiffany G., Robin, and our man, Scott. There will be no Saturday Suck and we encourage you to come down to CrossFit Finish First and cheer on our friends as they complete 3 WODs. Here is the address of the event: CrossFit FinishFirst 2903 Marvin Rd NE - Lacey, 98516

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At our gym. 2903 Marvin Rd NE, lacey

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Honour, worthily obtained, is in its nature a personal thing, and incommunicable to any but those who had some share in obtaining it. -- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American Statesman and Scientist

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The championships, the money, the color; all of these things linger only in the memory. It is the spirit, the will to excel, the will to win; these are the things that endure. -- Vince Lombardi (1913-1970) American Football Coach

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From inspiring slogans and manifestos to motivational ads and billboards, there’s no shortage of inspiration to keep health routines going strong. These powerful messages can help you stay on track to being your happiest, healthiest, and fittest yet.

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Happy birthday Rob! You are such a great inspiration to this CrossFit family!

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Wednesday's WOD

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Nothing better than hitting a PR @ DOXSA!

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Full house at 6:30pm!!

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Ok ladies, this is very interesting... read up!

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Grab a friend and join the bootcamp at DOXSA or

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4/14/15 WOD results

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Mark had fun today!

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CF Kids class getting through a tough little WOD today. #cfkids #fitkids #wallballs

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I want to thank Mr. Mike for stepping in for Krista Monday night for 30 minutes of Yoga! The class was packed and they all loved you! ❤️

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Wednesday, April 15 Warm-Up Ashley the Mobility Girl is here... Strength All strict, all the time. Work on your form, your progressions and your core strength. Push-Ups Handstand Push-Ups WOD Run 1200 Meters 21 Kettlebell Swings 21 Kettlebell Front Squats Run 800 Meters 15 Kettlebell Swings 15 Kettlebell Front Squats Run 400 Meters 9 Kettlebell Swings 9 Kettlebell Front Squats Fitness: 8/12 KG Kettlebell Performance: 12/16 KG Kettlebell

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Dr. Bob will be back tomorrow at 5:30pm!! He offers his services as a sports chiropractor to the members of CFX so come on in and take advantage of what he can do for you. If you have any aches, pains, or anything bothering you he is here to help. His goals are to help you all understand your injuries, answer questions regarding good, bad or limited movement, and treat any little nagging problems that aren’t going away. Got questions, sore spots that won’t go away?? Take advantage of this personalized session just for YOU! Advanced Sports Chiropractic

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Come and wish our good friend and trainer a sad but heartfelt farewell.

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Congratulations to Candice Storm for accumulating the most challenge points last week!! Come pick out your prize-:)!!

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Don't forget to put 7:30 PM Yoga on your calendar for tomorrow! Mondays class was AWESOME! Don't miss out!